Product Catalogue

Washbasin mixer with chain
Ref. No. SKU VE-11EAS042

Washbasin mixer with chain. Chromed.

Washbasin mixer with pop-up waste
Ref. No. SKU VE-11EAS043

Washbasin mixer with pop-up waste. Chromed.

Bath mixer with hand shower
Ref. No. SKU VE-12EAS044

Bath mixer with hand shower. Chromed.

Shower mixer
Ref. No. SKU VE-13EAS045

Shower mixer. Chromed.

Kitchen mixer
Ref. No. SKU VE-16EAS046

Kitchen mixer with swivel spout. Chromed.

Wall-mounted kitchen mixer
Ref. No. SKU VE-16EAS047

Wall-mounted kitchen mixer H-spout. Chromed.

Service tap
Ref. No. SKU VE-11EAS048

Service tap H-spout. Chromed.

Wall-mounted kitchen mixer
Ref. No. SKU VE-16EAS049

Wall-mounted kitchen mixer S-spout. Chromed.

Cold water tap
Ref. No. SKU VE-11EAS051

Cold water tap. Chromed.