Bathroom & Kitchen

Cabinet 2 drawers 60 cm – White
Ref. No. SKU VG-61SIE186

Cabinet with 2 drawers 60x40x50 cm – White.

Cabinet 2 drawers 80 cm – White
Ref. No. SKU VG-61SIE187

Cabinet with 2 drawers 80x40x50 cm – White.

Side cabinet 40×150 cm – White
Ref. No. SKU VG-61SIE188

Side cabinet 40x30x150 cm – White. Matching cabinet ref. 002644-002645.

Tablet with oval basin 60 cm
Ref. No. SKU VG-66SIE189

Tablet with oval basin 60x40x6 cm. Matching cabinet ref. 002644.

Tablet with oval basin 80 cm
Ref. No. SKU VG-66SIE190

Tablet with oval basin 80x40x6 cm. Matching cabinet ref. 002645.