Bathroom & Kitchen

Sun Close Coupled Toilet
Ref. No. SKU VO-42SUN708

Sun Close Coupled Toilet

Square washbasin 56×45 cm
Ref. No. SKU VO-53SUN023

Square washbasin 56×45 cm with overflow. Central faucet hole.

Pedestal for basin
Ref. No. SKU VO-54SUN026

Pedestal for basin ref. 000037 and 000039.

Square washbasin 40X32.5 cm
Ref. No. SKU VO-53SUN022

Square washbasin 40X32.5 cm with overflow. Central faucet hole.

Close-coupled toilet
Ref. No. SKU VO-43SUN715

Complete close-coupled toilet. 3/6 L flush mechanism with pre-mounted flush button. Soft close seat with quick-release system. Universal outlet.

Wall-hung toilet
Ref. No. SKU VO-41SUN706

Wall-hung toilet complete with soft close seat.

Toilet seat White
Ref. No. SKU VO-45SUN733

Toilet seat – White.