Fully tailored end-to-end service is GPC’s speciality.Whatever your demands, we provide flexible, customised operations at every stage, with the knowledge that no two businesses are the same. Experienced, reliable and globally connected, GPC is your partner for sanitary ware, installation materials and HVAC products.



Reliability is key. We understand you need to consistently offer your customers products with integrity, which is why GPC demands rigorous tests at every stage of the procurement process. Quality cannot be left to chance, and our in-house engineering department is directly responsible for all testing, enhancement and benchmarking at every stage.



Safety, reliability and environmental responsibility are guaranteed for every product we provide to you, whether that’s sanitary ware, installation materials or heating systems. Internationally recognised certification comes as standard, and all new systems we develop are similarly assessed to ensure our innovation is compliant with requirements in every country.


Shipping & Logistics

 GPC can deliver. We’re detail-led, with years of experience in the complexities of logistics. Our highly trained multilingual teams can provide a worldwide door-to-door service, and our reputation for excellent communication and professionalism is one we’re proud of. GPC offers a full variety of transport solutions, including freight consolidation, cross-stuffing, break-bulk or storage.


Private Label

 GPC can draw from our comprehensive knowledge of each market nuance to bring you a bespoke range of products to deliver to your customers. Through our network of trusted, certified suppliers we can help you custom build a stand-out range from thousands of quality-controlled products tailored to your brand and the clients you cater for. We have the facility to fully support you through some, or all of the whole process according to your needs, taking care of OEM design, white labelling, logistics and shipping.